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When thinking about hair replacement there are several items to take into consideration including type of hair, type of attachment, and how the hair is tied.


There are three types of hair generally used in making human hair wigs: Asian, Indian, and European. European hair is the least plentiful, and therefore it is the most expensive. European hair is very soft and silky, and is preferred by many Caucasian women because it resembles the texture of their own hair. Asian hair is the most plentiful and least expensive. The texture of Asian hair is mostly suitable for wear by women of Asian or African descent, as it is generally similar in texture to their own. Indian hair has long been used by manufacturers who make better quality human hair wigs because of its similarity in texture to European hair. As an added benefit, Indian hair is much less expensive than European, and so this hair is very desirable by those who prefer a more silky textured human hair wig, without the high price of European.

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